Overseeing and inspection of works to extend, improve and rehabilitate distribution networks in the cities of Abidjan, Bouaké and San Pedro, as well as install more efficient street lighting


Страна: Кот-д'Ивуар
Язык: EN FR
Номер: 3181619
Дата публикации: 18-07-2017
Источник: TED
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Тэги: Networks


1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/137700/IH/SER/CI.

2.Date of publication of the contract notice:26.7.2016.

3.Lot number and title:No, 1 lot only.

4.Contract number and value:FED/2017/385-789 / 4 954 050 EUR.

5.Date of contract award:31.3.2017.

6.Number of tenders received:3.

7.Overall score of selected tender:100/100.

8.Name, address and nationality of the successful tenderer:Sofreco/Aurecon Amei/Socotec Société Anonyme, 92/98 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92115 Clichy Cedex, FRANCE. Tel. +331 41 27 95 95. Fax +331 41 27 95 82.

9.Contract duration:48 months.

10.Contracting authority:Ordonnateur national du FED en République de Côte d"Ivoire, représenté par l"ordonnateur national suppléant, 18 avenue du Dr Crozet, immeuble Azur-Plateau, 01 BP V 306, Abidjan 01, REPUBLIC OF CÔTE D"IVOIRE.

11.Legal basis:Annex IV to the Partnership Agreement between the members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and the European Community and its Member States, signed in Cotonou on 23.6.2000, as amended in Luxembourg on 25.6.2005 and in Ouagadougou on 22.6.2010. Reference is made to Annex IV as revised by Decision No 1/2014 of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers of 20.6.2014.